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Hi! I’m Rebecca,

I'm a pornstar & a producer.

I created PukeOnMyBush.com when I realized that I not only have a knack for puke blow jobs but I also have a blast doing them! I wanted to create a website that was my own unique spin on the popular puke blow job. I love hardcore porn and the avant-garde so I wanted to embody that in every scene for PukeOnMyBush. I incorporate bright colors, lights and textures to create the perfect puke blow job. every. single. time.  All of my puke blow jobs are available for sale at ClubRebecca.com.

Since starting the website I have had many inquiries for puke blow job custom videos and I have become quiet good at producing them. If you are interested in a custom video please email me at BookRebeccaVanguard@gmail.com, thank you!

Rebecca xo