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  • Rebecca Vanguard

SCOTTY P Joins forces with Rebecca on Sheer!

Updated: Jun 18

Hello, my patient and caring viewers! I have created the next scene for with the puke BJ master, Scotty P. I begin warming him up by worshiping his cock, balls and ass hole. We switch spots and I sit in missionary on my barstool so he can pound my hairy pussy. I look up at Scotty with my cute freckled face and puke my stomach contents all over his cock and balls, dripping to the floor. I had drank strawberry lemonade and fasted but I guess I didn't fast long enough because a tons of chunks came up from lunch on accident, oopsy! To finish off the disgusting mess of a sex scene I lay on my back and the floor while scotty used my body as a receptacle to ejaculate inside of. He picks up the camera and gets an up close angle of me pushing the cum out of my warm hole.


Love, Rebecca xo